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The success of video ad campaigns

On a previous post we commented how the online video consumption was growing over time during the last couple of years. The use of Viral Video Ad Campaigns by major brands is one of the reasons that is making Internet users to watch more videos on their computers.

These brands use different platforms to launch their viral video letting viewers to spread it through the web. The proliferation of social networks and the mentality of sharing on this new environment has helped these video ads to reach million of users.

But who do you think should take the credit for a successful video ad campaign?

I give credit to the creative people within the marketing team. You can see some examples of creativity awesomeness at the end of this post.

I also give credit to the Social Media team. I am supporting this argument on the exceptional book by Malcolm Gladwell “The Tipping Point” . The Social Media Team is in charge of reaching those influential people that helped the video to attain the Tipping Point.

Another important factor on the success of video ad campaigns are the design of Video Platforms. These platforms have worked hard to make it easy for the user to share the content. On today’s world, it wouldn’t make sense a content platform without sharing options. So, when you watch a video that you like, you can bring it anywhere you want.

Finally, if we measure success by the numbers of views a viral video has, users are key on the success of a viral marketing campaign. At the end of the day, the user is the one who makes the video viral by clicking on the “like”, “+1”, “digg” … buttons.

In summary, there are some factors that would make a video ad go viral. These factors are the content, the social media strategy, and the easiness to share. When all these are perfectly assembled, it will make the user to like it and to share it with their circles.

Here are my favorite Video Ads:

More than 180 videos by Old Spice:

Drive Through by Mc’Donalds:

A women rights video campaign:

Online Ad Campaign by Mixta:

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