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Divino Disturbo - Wolf Song I think we do not know everything about the wolf. On account of that, let me introduce you some ...

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Description I think we do not know everything about the wolf. On account of that, let me introduce you some characteristics of their code of conduct and way of life before explaining my reasons to write this song. Wolf is a social animal which lives inside a family (the pack) where a hierarchical organization prevails. From an early age, they are guided by strict rules which will determine their behavior when they become adult wolves. For instance, young wolves are entrusted with looking after the cubs when the mother is absent, accompanying the old ones too in order to regurgitate the food since they lack teeth and are unable to chew. To play is the way in which cubs establish their rank into the pack. "Alpha" is the maximum rank and belongs to the dominant male and female wolves. Ranks are received through ritual fights in which wolves rarely get hurt; they are conscious of their own strength and despite they show each other their fangs and make the fight act, winner and defeated are just marked by body language. Likewise, "alpha" male and female are the only ones with the authority to reproduce in order to transmit the best genes and avoid an overpopulation into the pack. After all, it seems we should learn some things from wolves, since we constantly use and spread violence, we kill more than the necessary to survive, and the respect among us is not so deep as among wolves is. Now permit me explain you the sense of "Wolf Song": Long time ago, in the Neolithic Age, man see the wolf as the formidable hunter it is. Their way of stalking and hierarchical organization were very similar but wolf, moreover, displayed courtesy and respect to man since the beginning of their relationship while any other animal, such as the lynx or the bear, would kill a person giving no choices of rapprochement. Many pagan cultures considered wolf as a sacred being, taking advantage of them as hunter, friend and keeper from other wild beasts. Remember that paganism is the group of religions based on nature's elements that, after the imposition of monotheist religions, was provided with a negative, even demonic, significance. Years went by, and man's viewpoint about wolf changed. It ceased to be the friend it used to; wolf became perceived as a ferocious creature, the killer of their cattle and the perfect target for thousands of senseless legends and tales. Nowadays, their descendants are called "man's best friends"− not a day goes by without you see a dog so it is not a foolishness to say that the stamp of wolf remains in our lives. Even though, despite all the love and loyalty we receive from dogs, we usually mistreat and abandon them being aware that they would sacrifice themselves for "their friends", ill-called owners: us. We still seeing this loyalty, nobility and friendship into their eyes, virtues enduring from their ancestor: the wolf. ________________________________________________________ Lyrics: Why did you hold out your hand to us? We've not been in need of Partake in a pack lead by your perfidy. We are rightful lords of forests, The age of unworthy one must expire. Moon howls resound in the night Realise (that) your feet're crossing The arcane line between unruliness and wolf side. I lie in wait For your movements inside mist Triying to steal my holy preys Laying the unnecesary foundations of rivality Between us, if our race Has been here for centuries, So we'll be the fair victors in this unsensed conflict. Why did you hold out your hand to us? We've not been in need of Partake in a pact lead by your perfidy. Behold this kingdom and try To conquer it, but know: "Meanwhile you are killing your own blood all of us Are united as fingers in an iron fist", Don't feel so safe And never forget I'll be staring at you.