Novocomedy and Hits Book sign strategic agreement

Bringing the strength of User-Generated Content to the world

The world’s largest funny and family-oriented clips distributor, Novocomedy, and the Hits Book Group, the leading technological platform for user-generated content campaigns  have signed a global strategic agreement, encompassing the business development of Hits Book Solutions, as well as the development and production of new entertainment television programs using user-generated content as their main ingredient.

Hits Book Solutions is an end-to-end scalable technological platform enabling brands to create campaigns aiming at generating user-generated content. Those campaigns take the form of contests, castings or second-screen applications, enabling brands to engage their community and nurture new brand ambassadors. Already well deployed in Spain, Latin America and hispanic USA, Hits Book clients feature famous names in consumer brands such as Unilever, Toyota, Kimberly Clark, Bacardí, etc but also in the television industry with Discovery Networks or The Voice. 

“The time has now come to deploy Hits Book around the world”, says Hits Book CEO Juan José Artero, “and what better partner than Novocomedy, a renown player in the home video industry. Not only do we know that our solutions work great for broadcasters, but they also provide amazing opportunities for consumer brands, generally aware of our solutions through their advertising agencies. Both those industries are well known to Novocomedy which interact with them on a daily basis”.

”We are thrilled to team up with Hits Book”, says François-Xavier Poirier, Novocomedy’s CEO. “We know this technology is going to sell big – who doesn’t want today to humanize their brand and bring communities together? – but we are also going to enable our customers – all those TV channels and their producers around the world – to launch their own campaigns with Hits Book technology in order to obtain from « their communities » exactly the content they require instead of having to work with what is available. Those days are over !”

While Hits Book remains in charge of developing the Americas and Spanish-speaking countries, Novocomedy is Hits Book’s exclusive agent in the rest of the world for the licensing of the SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform for UGC campaigns as well as Hits Book’s Community 4.0 product, every brand’s dream solution to create their own social network*.

About Hits Book

Hits Book is the global leader in the creation and monetization of UGC campaigns for Media, Brands and Agencies. Hits Book was founded in 2012 and counts with offices in Spain, Mexico and USA and distribution partnerships in Central and South America. Hits Book has created campaigns for over 300 clients worldwide and has a community of 500,000 content creators and 4,950 micro influencers spreading over 21 countries. 

About Novocomedy

Novocomedy is a distribution company founded in 2009 based in Paris, France. Its catalogue contains one of the widest collections of funny and entertaining shows in the world, boasting more than 2000 hours of HD content ranging from candid cameras to home videos as well as magic, circus, sport or animation. Working hand-in-hand with its California-based production partner, Redwood Media, Novocomedy’s goal is to provide quality and highly entertaining programming to traditional TV broadcasters and VOD platforms around the world among which NBC Universal, BBC, CCTV China Central Television, Youku, Sony, Discovery Channel, Cartoon Network, Venevision, Canal +.

* Brands own social networks: so far Hits Book has provided three brands with their own social network:

– Oh My Pet: on, dedicated to people who love pets, users can upload their pet videos and watch others. The service, powered by Hits Book’s Community 4.0 Product, also provides an OTT service, with programs made with this user-generated content. Users are delighted to see their videos featured on Oh My Pet’s shows, which are also available on platforms such as Amazon Prime and Pluto TV.

– Dónde_ir: a portal about the city of Mexico providing content about life in Mexico, and particularly Mexico City. It features news about bars, restaurants, culture and much more. By integrating Hits Book Community 4.0 Product, Dónde_ir   organize regular contests for users to upload photos or videos on the social network, generating a buzzing community gathering around the same fields of interest (

– The leading brand in the B2B and B2C industries of parcel delivery: coming soon! Stay tuned!

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