Boost your sales and the growth of your community by integrating UGC into your digital strategy.

Capture, filter, manage and store the content generated by users increasing the probability of purchase by 70% and turning them into prescribers of your brand.

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Did you know that it is proven that 92% of consumers trust someone else’s recommendation before than on content generated by the brand itself? Build trust and credibility in your business thanks to the UGC!


Hits Book is the technological platform that puts at your disposal all the tools to create your own UGC campaigns in a matter of minutes, and manage them in a simple way.


Launch your campaign for users to start creating content

Create your microsite, customize the look & feel and the URL, and choose the way to capture   
images and video: between direct uploading to the campaign site, capture via #hashtag and 
@mention on Instagram and Twitter or capture via social media links such as
Tik Tok, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.


Manages and stores the content and ownership thereof

Accept the content you want to publish on your campaign microsite and store it in your own 
content bank. Download in one click the contents, the information of the registered leads and the 
statistics of your campaign. It automatically manages the transfer of rights, digital signature of 
legal bases and transfer of rights of minors.


Incentivize interaction and increase reach

Within the personalized microsite where the validated content is published, you can activate interaction actions such as voting or rankings to stimulate the action, achieve organic viralization, 
increase the traffic, the reach and the visibility of the action.


Boost your digital strategy

Integrate the content captured in your digital actions to improve the conversion rate of your main 
KPIS: create content capsules for your social networks, integrate the UGC in your ecommerce or 
website, share the content captured in your networks and mention users to create brand 

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Success cases

Discover how the big brands and the media do it in their digital marketing strategies

soluciones originales de sabor caso de éxito ugc

The campaign began with 8 foodie influencers who “organically” created recipes with the star ingredient Nissin® Cup Noodles®, positioning the #SOS and inviting their community to participate.

Digital dynamics made to know the skills and lessons of parents.

The contest ¨The taste is disguised as terror¨ generated 8 thousand reproductions.