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Passion points

We guarantee the success of your campaign

Our creators light the wick of participation to motivate their consumers.

1 Strategy

Identification of the target

2 Selection

Segmentation of creators.

3 Activation

Activation plan: emailing, social networks, sms, etc.

4 Management

We establish a minimum guarantee of participation.

5 Reporting

Results 100% guaranteed (delivery of reports and metrics in real time).

We align ourselves to the kpis of your business

  • CPM / CPA / CPV / CPE: measure the ROI of your campaign
  • Participants: we have clusters by category of more than 455,000 creators.
  • Leads: generating a database of real customers that interact with your brand.
  • Video views: organically increases the visualizations through your UGC campaign.
  • Reach: connect with a larger audience by activating our microinfluencers segmented by category.
  • Unique users: Increase your Brand Love with actions that increase the frequency of your users.
  • Engagement: Increase brand loyalty with direct interactions with your audience..
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Success stories

These are some of the best influencer marketing campaigns we have done with brands and media. Get inspired with each of them and create your own UGC campaign!

Sing! The Movie Sing! The Movie

A musical talent contest that impacted 880,000 users and attracted 750+ participants.

The Pro Experience The Pro Experience

Sports casting to find the best fan of Club Santos Laguna

Hungry for your Ideas Hungry for your Ideas

A 360 degree digital campaign that searched to find the entrepreneur of the year in Mexico.