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Benefits of using the UGC tool for multiplatform formats

Development of new properties with high engagement.

Very low costs for production and acquisition.

Exclusive and innovative content that you can integrate with your grill.

Multi-platform and transmedia from it’s beginning.

Branded Content unique and organic for your advertisers.

Capturing fresh and authentic content with intellectual property and image rights.

Automatic Metadata that organizes your audiovisual library.

Analyze and measure the results in real-time.

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Multi-platform Formats

‘I Dare You’ property image

Inspired by the viral challenges that have spread via social media channels, a different talent show is born (or created) in which 5 new dares will be proposed to the audience to improve on every week.


‘A Gu Gu’ property image

A show created by the youngest in the household. Their pranks, wittiness and brutal honesty guarantee very fun moments to enjoy as a family. A Top 10 made entirely with UGC videos that will become the next viral sensation.

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