Success stories

Online Contest Online Contest
Fernando Martínez Digital Marketing Manager Universal Pictures MX
Online Contest Online Contest
Armando Espinoza Project Manager Digital Socialand
Second Screen Second Screen
Dennis Seda User Creative Solutions A&E
Online Casting Online Casting
Perla Ruíz Digital Producer Televisa
UGC Platform UGC Platform
Marlon Quintero General Director of CIC Media
Mass media
Client: TV Azteca Client: TV Azteca
Project: Exatlon Colosal Challenge Project: Exatlon Colosal Challenge

+200 family-and-friend teams participated for the opportunity to being part of their favorite Show

Mass media
Client: Toyota and Los 40 Client: Toyota and Los 40
Project: Aygotuber de Los 40 Project: Aygotuber de Los 40

A casting for more than 50,000 listeners. The winner became the new voice of "Los 40" Spain.

Mass media
Client: Televisa Client: Televisa
Project: Televisa Project: Televisa

In three weeks, “La Voz..Mexico” received more than 4,400 online casting submissions -- an unimaginable success!

Mass media
Client: Boing Client: Boing
Project: Selfie Show Project: Selfie Show

The first TV show created 100% with content generated by users in Spain.

Client: AMC Networks Client: AMC Networks
Project: Darkfest Project: Darkfest

The first online festival of fake horror trailers

Client: Universal Pictures Client: Universal Pictures
Project: Jurassic World Project: Jurassic World

An activation that brought 2,500 fans of the saga to participate and live a Jurassic adventure.