Digital platform value

Produce new formats:

  • Short, original and exclusive content (series) organized by categories.
  • Long format shows for TV, cable and other applications.

Create community: Fans can share, consume and interact amongst themselves, through contests, challenges, promos and other participation dynamics.

Connect your online store: Capture qualified leads and turn them into sales.

Transfer of intellectual property contract

Advertising income Contest may be exploited through Adserver or Programmatic

Database development: Keep your community updated.

Fanline: Link and show your social network timeline.

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UGC Successful case study

Oh My Pet A digital platform for the animal lover community.

A space where users can find important information regarding pet care, share experiences with other users, participate in different UGC actions (contest created by the user) and interact (upload videos and/or photos, vote for your favorites and share them on social networks).

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