Global experience with over 500 UGC campaigns for more than 200 leading clients

Multi-platform implementation

Thanks to our technology, we can integrate UGC projects in your website or Facebook Fan Page adapting the look & feel to the corporate image. In addition, our platform is capable of generating landing pages and personalized URLs.

Legal aspects

Our technology automatically manages participant information transfer (including minors and participants who vote), transfer of image and intellectual property rights of all video content, images and text generated in the campaign.

Data collection

Possibility of developing adhoc forms based on client needs to obtain additional information from the participating users.

Pre-filtering Content

It is possible to easily manage the content previously received to be public, have direct communication with the participant and access the download of user data, photos and videos with double quality (Mobile and full HD) from the dashboard. In addition, we have a permissions system to assign to different campaign managers.

Advertising monetization

You can integrate advertising formats (preroll, post roll, page-stealers, background, banners, etc) in a very easy way, in addition to the insertion of different adservers.

Real-time statistics

It is possible to know the status of the campaign at any time with real-time data, statistics and detailed graphics from the dashboard. In addition, other measurement platforms can be integrated on our technology (Google Tag Manager, Comscore, Omnivore …).


Offers the creation of public campaigns in images or video and private images, video or text.

White label and customization

Corporate brand, service for product integration according to your look & feel.

Solid infrastructure for great audiences

Working with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure allows us to provide quality service.

Organic amplification

The participating user has all the tools to make their video, text or image go viral through votes, rankings, reacting with emojis, send through WhatsApp, share on social networks, etc.

Issuance of coupons

At the end of the participant display or interaction with the content, it is possible to show them an advertising coupon by means of a pop up along with the possibility to send it via email.

Information protection and security

The data is transferred, stored, and managed securely. All communications are encrypted with TLS, thanks to our RSA security certificate. In this way, the information entered by users arrives at the server unaltered and without the possibility of being stolen by third parties.

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