Success stories

Online Contest Online Contest
Fernando Martínez Digital Marketing Manager Universal Pictures MX
Online Casting Online Casting
Perla Ruíz Digital Producer Televisa
Second Screen Second Screen
Dennis Seda User Creative Solutions A&E
UGC Platform UGC Platform
Marlon Quintero General Director of CIC Media
Client: Universal Pictures Spain Client: Universal Pictures Spain
Project: Pets Project: Pets

Petfriendly digital activation to get the best videos of your pets.

Consumer Packaged Goods
Client: Danone and Televisa Client: Danone and Televisa
Project: Hungry for your Ideas Project: Hungry for your Ideas

A 360 degree digital campaign that searched to find the entrepreneur of the year in Mexico.

Mass media
Client: Canal Sur Client: Canal Sur
Project: El Villancico de Canal Sur Project: El Villancico de Canal Sur

+ than 500 participants singing the popular Canal Sur carol.

Mass media
Client: Nickelodeon Client: Nickelodeon
Project: Nickelodeon Videostars Project: Nickelodeon Videostars

We invite children to be part of a digital social initiative.

Consumer Packaged Goods
Client: Tang Client: Tang
Project: El sabor de Tang Project: El sabor de Tang

The contest ¨The taste is disguised as terror¨ generated 8 thousand reproductions.

Client: Grupo Secuoya Client: Grupo Secuoya
Project: Casting Aim2fame Project: Casting Aim2fame

A global online casting that brings together talent from 37 countries and generates mini capsules for each participant.